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Folded Field Camera

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IKeda ANBA 4x5 Field Camera c.1970...

ANBA Sideview

Handmade of selected cherry wood (from the northern island of Hokkaido) known in Japan as "Shuri Zakura". This wood became harder and stronger by long exposure to cold and wind. Mr. Ikeda aged the cherry and dried it for proper seasoning. The bellows are sheepskin and are lined with silk. The camera weighs 2.6 pounds and has a 13" bellows draw and accepts Toyo (117) & Linhof Technika boards.

By James S. Vilett


Knobs were either done in heavy nickel plate or in gold.






Front Camera ViewCamera Back


The spring back came with this camera as the standard back.








Internation BackAn optional international back was available for use with 120 rollfilm backs.



View LensA nice quality optic makes great pictures.