Contax Accessories East and West

Contax cameras were made in both East and West Germany. This made for an interesting variety of lenses accessories and cameras. In many cases the optics and accessories made in Stuttgart West Germany were made better with nicer machining and finishes. However the East Germans (items marked JENA) made excellent optics.


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Cap Zeiss Contax cap (probably East German).

Zeiss carton (Sonnar 1:2 f=5cm) marked "made in Germany".Carton

leather caseZeiss Stuttgart Nr 764 soft leather lens pouch.

50mm f3.5 Tessar (used for macro work). A rare item to find. 50mm f3.5 Lens

InstructionsZeiss Contax IIIa instructions.


Zeiss Contax leather case in bag with original box.casebox


Contax I hoodMade in Dresden Contax I hood in original box. (c1939)

Leather case for Contax 21mm Biogon and lens viewfinder.finder case

finder caseLeather finder case for individual lens viewfinders.

Zeiss CartonMade in Stuttgart, Zeiss Ikon lens carton for 50mm.

Contax I strap mount leather filter holder case.strap filter case

Zeiss Ikon Ikophot light meter.Zeiss Meter Late Zeiss Ikophot S meter.Ikophot S

135mm Zeiss leather lens pouch with draw string.Leather Lens Pouch


Zeiss BoxZeiss box.

Glass screenGround glass which inserts into the film plane for use with the Contax film plate back.

35mm lens viewfinder with the original box.35mm Finder

50mm Sonnar50mm f1.5 Sonnar lens for Contax IIa or IIIa.

Lens CapSuttgart rear lens cap. tripodContax I table top tripod.

Zeiss hood box.hood box

Original Zeiss Contax strap with paper wrap and logo. Strap

Clear plastic bubble lens case for 50mm Zeiss Sonnar lens. Bubble Case