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Auto Fifty

It was made in Japan by Taiyo-do, and sold by United States Camera Corp. (Chicago, IL); c1955. This was a true-blue USA camera made in Japan. It used 120 film. The USC emblem was on the hood and the front of the camera.  The lens was an 80mm f3.5 Biokor coated lens in  MX Synchro shutter 1 – 1/300th. The shutter was cocked separately. Very well made with high quality workmanship. Twin lens reflex cameras became very popular in the USA during the 1950's. Knob advance and knob focus on one side of the camera. Taiyodo (or Taiyo-do) Koki made a lot of TLR cameras. It seems that the original company went bankrupt around 1957.




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