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Voigtlander Superb

(early model)

c1933; it used 120 film which traveled horizontally; a glass prism on the front of the camera showed shutter speeds from above.  A small level was built into the camera hood. The most common version had a 7,5cm f3.5 Skopar lens; with a Tessar formula. It consisted of four elements in three groups; with rear element being two cemented pieces. The camera also was available with a better, more highly corrected, Heliar lens. These lenses had five elements in three groups. Both the front and the back elements had two cemented pieces. This model is an early version with large ear strap lugs. This particular camera was supposed to have been an admiral's camera; and there is a small plate on the back. Since I am unable to read this I will never know what it says.