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Kalloflex Automat KII

Made by Kowa Optical Works Japan c1956. Although this is a later model, this was the first camera type produced by the Kowa Optical works starting in 1954.  It has a combined focusing knob with a winding lever built under the knob. It has a 75mm f3.5 Prominar  Kowa lens.  The shutter is a nice quality Seikosha-MX shutter; B, 1- 1/500th second. This is a well built and machined camera at least as good as a Rollei TLR. The lens looks finely ground with crystal clear coatings. The top focusing glass is a thick magnifying lens with etched grid lines. The body itself is a very heavy metal casting. Today the Kowa Company still makes many types of sports optics.




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