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(early model)

Made by Togodo Sangyo LTD, the company was named for admiral Tougo of the Japanese Navy.  The Togodo company made many TLR cameras with different names. These cameras are considered to be copies of the Rolleicord. c1955 6x6cm TLR, using 120 film. The lens is a 3 element 8cm f3.5 Tri-Lausar Anastigmat.  B, 1-1/300th in synced shutter. This is an earlier version with no bayonet filter mount. Later versions had a bayonet I filter mount. The model one was so memorable that they came out with a model II camera. The sync was moved to the bottom front plate and the logo was done in script.

ToyocaflexToyoca Logoscript logo note the "Y".


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