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Omegaflex M (6x7cm)

Made by Konishiroku Photo Industry c1969. Image size was 6cm x 7cm for super large negatives. As the result you got 10 pictures per roll of 120 film. This particular format is nice as it makes a nice 8x10 print without any cropping. It used removable 120 or 220 film magazines. The film was advanced with a push/pull sliding lever (visible in the picture to the right at the lower left) built into the film back. Lenses also were removable. High quality Seiko shutters were built into each lens; B, 1-1/500th second. There were four lenses made for this camera a 90mm, a 58mm, a 180mm, and a 135mm.  The camera has a dark slide so lenses could be changed in mid-roll. Viewing was from a ground glass at the back. The hood (at the rear of the camera) could be removed. An optional reflex viewer with a huge 1 1/4" bright eyepiece was available. When the reflex viewer was mounted viewing was downward like other TLR's. This camera was massive and very heavy. It seems that not too many were ever sold as it is fairly uncommon. This is one of the more unique system TLR's that was ever built.

Self Portrait

Koni-Omegaflex_MGround Glassreflex viewer


90mm LensReflex Viewer1Reflex Viewer2